Who we are

FAS has been making it possible for farmers to take the guesswork out of crop nutrition for 65 years. FAS was established in 1954 and has achieved recognition as one of the leading agricultural laboratories, not only in South Africa, but also in the SADC countries. FAS provides an efficient and reliable service to growers and researchers, giving cost effective, environmentally friendly fertiliser recommendations based on soil and leaf analysis.

Our state-of-the-art SABS ISO 9001 certified laboratory offers comprehensive analytical packages.

Each year, the laboratory processes large volumes of soil, leaf, soil salinity diagnosis, soil textural classification, fertiliser, compost and irrigation water samples from South Africa and other African countries. Crops include sugarcane, sub-tropical fruit, nut crops (including macadamias), grain crops, pastures, vegetables, gardens, nurseries, golf courses and bowling greens.

Mbali Shezi 
FAS Admin Assistant 
031 508 7474 

Indren Pather
FAS Admin Assistant 
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Our Vision

To be a recognised world class
Agricultural Laboratory of choice.

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