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  Understanding FAS Soil Reports

  Understanding FAS Salinity & Sodicity Reports

  Understanding FAS Leaf Reports

  Understanding FAS Water Reports

  Soil Form

  Leaf Form

  Irrigation Form

  Fertiliser Form

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7.1 Developing a nutrient management programme

7.2 Nitrogen management

7.3 N monitor plots

7.4 Phosphorus management

7.5 Potassium management

7.6 Sulphur management

7.7 Calcium and magnesium management

7.8 Boron management

7.9 Iron management

7.10 Manganese management

7.11 Copper management

7.12 Zinc management

7.15 Sugarcane leaf sampling

7.16 Soil sampling procedures

7.17 Nutritional amendments: Filtercake

7.18 Organic amendments: manures

7.20 Condensed molasses solids (CMS)

7.21 Organic amendments: High-fibre amendments

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