The Fertiliser Advisory Service analyses soil & leaf macro- and micronutrients for a range of agricultural crops. FAS realises the value in creating a ‘one-stop’ analytical service as many growers are not just in the business of sugarcane. This diversification will make it easier for growers to test the nutrient value of most of their crops on their farms in one place, saving the logistical nightmare of having to submit samples to several labs. In addition, a grower will be able to receive all their results at the same time for all farms and in a uniform easy-to-understand format, easing the record keeping process.If you’re in the business of growing macadamias, avocados, bananas, maize, or garden vegetables, then fill out the appropriate form for the crop to be analysed and we will take care of the rest! 

FAS: your one-stop-shop for every agricultural crop!

Sample submission 101

When sending leaf, water or soil samples to FAS, always remember to include the appropriate submission form labelled with the correct crop and analysis required. Label all samples (soil boxes, leaf labels, fertilisers and/or water vials) accordingto what is written on the submission form. This ensures that the correct analyses are done on the appropriately labelled sample in the quickest time possible. Here are some guidelines:

·       Select the appropriate submission form according to analysis requested (e.g. leaf, soil fertility, soil salinity, fertilisers).

·       All samples must have an identification (e.g. field number) and correspond to the submission form.

·       For soil and leaf samples, the information supplied on the submission form has a major bearing on the recommendations appearing in the analytical reports.  For example, in the case of soil fertility samples, the ‘Attainable Yield’ is crucial for the calculation of the N and K requirements of the crop.

·       To submit samples, courier them to our physical address or drop them off at the designated drop-off points at the SASRI Extension Offices.

FAS on the ground..

FAS exhibition at SASTA (Durban ICC): The FAS research team networked with Africa and beyond at this year’s SASTA symposium! With a few conference presentations and an exhibition stand, the team showcased some of the lab’s latest research developments and new products.

A trip to the Midlands: The FAS team had another fantastic chance to spread their wings and interact with our local growers and existing loyal clients at the Nedbank Eston Show in the Midlands.

If you visited us at any of these events, we thank you for your support and hope to hear from you soon. To find out where we will be next, watch this space in our next newsletter for upcoming FAS events.

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