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Fertiliser Advisory Service

SASRI’s Fertiliser Advisory Service (FAS) has been making it possible for farmers to take the guesswork out of crop nutrition for over 65 years.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory offers comprehensive analytical packages. Most importantly, customised nutrient recommendations are provided for a range of agricultural crops.

Each year, the laboratory processes large volumes of soil, leaf, fertiliser, compost and irrigation water samples from South Africa and other African countries. Enterprises include sugarcane, sub-tropical fruit, nut crops (including macadamias), grain crops, pastures, vegetables, gardens, nurseries, golf courses and bowling greens.

What makes us different?

Free recommendations

We don’t charge anything extra for our sugar recommendations. It’s part of what you pay for when you analyse your samples with us.

Comprehensive results

The quantity of our determinants is higher than most other labs so you get more for your money.

on-site expertise

Our soil scientists are on-site and available for consultation. You have access to over 90 years combined experience.

We’re independent

We don’t sell fertiliser so our results are not biased. We give you the scientific facts and recommendations.
No strings attached.

Why consider soil analysis?

Optimum yields

We help take the guess work out of farming. Soil analysis is important to optimise production while efficiently managing your resources. 

Savings on fertiliser

Quality soil and leaf analysis informs you of your fertiliser requirements to obtain your crop target yield. By ensuring you are applying the correct type and rate of nutrient, you will ensure the best value from your fertiliser investment.

Sustainable farming

Early detection of harmful soil conditions such as acidity and salinity build-up, nutrient imbalances and overloads, and the depletion of organic matter. 

What our Clients say

Who we are

FAS was established in 1954 and has achieved recognition as one of the leading agricultural laboratories, not only in South Africa, but also in the SADC countries. FAS provides an efficient and reliable service to growers and researchers, giving cost effective, environmentally friendly fertiliser recommendations based on soil and leaf analysis.


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